About Us

I have modified every sled I have ever owned, turning the old trail sleds into mountain sleds since the early 80s. Designed & built light weight Polaris hoods for myself, friends and local riders, countless hours of repairing sleds, 4 wheelers, boats just about anything, even built trailers to sell or trade to help support my toy addiction which all led to where we are today.

JC’s Custom Vents is based out of Pocatello, Idaho. The reason we came to be was that I had a 2004 Ski-Doo Rev that had heat related issues so I hand built some custom vents and posted on DooTalk the lower temps I had after installing. Then I started getting so many people requesting vent kits of all kinds, I had to build a website to keep track of orders & make it easier for customers to see my products, and the rest is history. 

We only make products that we would be proud to use and show on our own sleds and look like they belong there. That means we use high gauge aluminum for our frames, PVC coated mesh that is UV resistant and has a high tensile and tear strength. Our vents are meant to stand up to the rigor and abuse that happens when you are Boondocking through the mountains. 

Proud to be an American, US Army Veteran, Union Member and of course an Idahoan.